uusi panta baby alpacasta ja mulberrysilkistä (Debbie Bliss, Andes)

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5 Responses to aurinkopanta

  1. Tytti says:

    Pannan väri on juuri sopiva syksyiseen maisemaan ja nyt sitä todellakin tarvitaan kun tuntuu, että mereltä tuleva tuuli pääsee luihin ja ytimiin asti. Aika kivoja olivat ne edellisessä postauksessasi olleet pipotkin.. Kakku toi taas tuulahduksen menneestä kesästä (oli hyvää), onneksi meilläkin on pakastimessa kesää tallessa (hassua sanoa näin..). Toivottavasti asunnon etsinnässä tärppäisi pian!

    • maijanmaja says:

      Tytti: Andes-lanka ei muuten takuulla kutita. :)
      Joo, sellainen karvatupsupipo olis ihan huippu.
      Aika hankalaa se kodin etsintä täältä kaukaa. Moni kun näyttää livenä aika eriltä kuin muutamassa kuvassa ja pohjapiirustuksia ei ole ollenkaan saatavilla..

      • Dake says:

        what a great and fab bunch of ideas to use this tools!!!but i want to know: how mad SasSa this boirder arruond the squarew with the fiskar’s Apron Lace punch??? this looks sooo great. but i havn’t an idea how she made that!??? could you help me??? this would be sooo kind. :-) i have this punch – but only used this to make singel borders … it would be fine, if you had a tip for me. :-) greetingskatrin

      • Mayathapa says:

        در 4:03 pmnazli میگوید:salam khlieia be man migan man vasvas daram ama khodam injuri fek nemikonam ba intest mitunam javabamo begiram?

        • Linda says:

          The specialist that I would love to have an opttrpunioy to work with is a Neonatologist. I think that it would be a blessing and a miracle to be able to work with little ones that have to rely on you during their first few weeks of life. Some infants may require extra attention and treatment for various reasons. Being able to show empathy and give support to the families during the process is essential. My daughter was six weeks premature and required extra treatment, so I can understand the feeling that parents have when they can’t leave the hospital with their little miracle. Being able to now be the one to give that support to the families and making them feel as comfortable as they can be knowing that their child is receiving the best care possible is really important to me. New parents may feel overwhelmed and may not know how to do certain things, so being able to assist in showing them how to care for their little one would be an amazing experience.The specialists that I would least want to work with would be an Emergency physician and a Proctologist. Working with an emergency physician, you would never know what you can encounter any given day. I feel that I can handle a lot with respect to blood or anything that could make a person queasy, but I don’t know how I would react if a patient came in with a severed limb or just anything that is extreme and out of the ordinary. As with a Proctologist, I don’t have an interest working with a specialist that deals with disorders of the colon, rectum, and anus. With both of these specialties, it may be because neither are areas that I would explore. I’m sure with proper training you will be more knowledgeable and see the importance and necessity of having a specialist that can provide care for patients that depend on them to make them feel better.At the end of the day though, you have to love what you do no matter which area of interest you choose.

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