Isot puut, osa 2

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4 Responses to Isot puut, osa 2

  1. Maslepelepe says:

    What a cool school! How much are you dreaidng this summer? I’m in Fort Worth, and I’m already wishing for February weather again not that it was particularly cool just a lot cooler than this!Tamara Curry recently posted..

  2. Rigoberto says:

    Korjasin tuota postaustani ve4he4n smevelme4ksi tuon kattila-asian tiimoilta eli homma meni siis suurinpiirtein ne4in: ensin pieni kattila puolilleen vette4, sinne pari kynttile4npe4tke4e4, kiehutetaan kunnes steariini sulaa ja sitten kastellaan noita ruusuja sinne kerran pari.Punaisella tuoksukynttile4n je4me4lle4 tuli todella kauniita ja huumaavan tuoksuisia ruusuja :) Seuraavaksi tekeytyy satsi keltaisia ruusuja. Nyt te4ytyykin alkaa tarkkailla kananmunatiskie4 ihan uusin silmin, sille4 eikf6s sielle4 ole ainakin myf6s vaaleanpunaisia kennoja.

  3. Akash says:

    The tree you weren’t sure about is a black walnut, I think. My 15-20 metre tall brkcyaad tree is a Juglans regia, aka common, Persian or English walnut. The leaves are more rounded and have a much larger terminal leaf – more like your butternut.I don’t think the hulls work as well after they are dried. If I want to store them before I’m ready to soak them, I put them in the freezer, nuts and all. These are the culls, the only ones the evil squirrels leave for me!The colours I get are tans to browns but not as dark as chocolate, even with iron modifier. Probably the black walnut is more intense but I’ve never tried it.

  4. Aminta says:

    agreed it’s good to plant a tree for the future.i have dyed using green waunlt husks.put them in a bad in water and put some silk skeins in the tub. some weeks later i remembered and took them out. lovely browns! same with wool, although the color came out a bit less rich.still have the bag in the tub and add water periodically.the husks keep giving out color.

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