Pieniä juttuja

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5 Responses to Pieniä juttuja

  1. Vedat says:

    Kiitos kommentoijille mukivasta viesteiste4!Lise4e4 luomutf6ite4 on tehty, mullahan on reissussa vaan akvarellipaperia, kuvantekemiseen tarvitsen tai siis ke4yte4n vaan luontoa. Omaa konetta mulla ei ole ff6ljysse4 ja te4me4 miehen kone on “outo” mutta pe4rje4ilen jotenkin.

  2. Dssokol says:

    OMG – I’ve never seen this video – and I’m going to be passing this on to erevyone I know! Hysterical!!!Anyway – I can give you options covering any price range …Medium range … GAP 1969 style jeans. Mid $50′s … Nice bootcut or flare … different ranges of fits.Medium-high range … Lucky Brand jeans – I love the Zoe Flares. $90 – $100. Not too low … not too high.High range … 7 for all Mankind. Medium waisted – “the Ginger”… nice bootcut – flare. OR the “Dojo”. Both in the $150- $175 range. I’m also digging the Hudson jeans. You can also get most of these jeans at a Loehmann’s or Nordstrom Rack – for a deal!

  3. Dildar says:

    What a great bargain eeendd, good for you mommy you can buy your jeans online but as for me it is difficult because I do not know how is the fitting so I always prefer to buy in the shop. I know buying online is convenience since you save time and gasoline but it does not work for me.Congrats for the great deals for your new jeans. Enjoy Jeans day hehe..

  4. Sischa says:

    I’ve never tried shopping for jeans onilne as well for the same reason mentioned by Gagay. Good thing what you had there just fits you right. I like that 20% off upon signing up. Just recently I came across of a different site that offers the same.

  5. Hebergeur says:

    Gananderin koululle saisi laittaa sade ve si kai voon asti ulottuvat syoksytorvet. Pieni juttu, iso vaikutus. Nurkat markana.

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